Maps & Routes on San Juan Island

This remote archipelago in the extreme northwest of the United States is a bucolic paradise with bike-friendly roads that provide an excellent excuse to leave the car behind.

San Juan Islands, USA (Credit: Aurora Open/Getty Images)

San Juan Island is known for its safe and scenic bike routes. If it’s a good work-out through picturesque farmland and panoramic views of the snow-covered Olympics over the wild Straight de Juan de Fuca you’re looking for, you will find it here!

Cattle Point out & back


Take Spring Street out of town. Turn left on Douglas Road to experience pastoral landscapes and learn about the epic geological history. Turn left on False Bay Road and enjoy this backroad gem.

Turn right on to Cattle Point Road for an out and back heading south and make your way to the Lighthouse and Historical Radio Tower that describes how sea-going vessels used triangulation to pinpoint their exact location using Radio Technology.

Distance: Approx. 20 miles.

Lavender  & Lime Kiln 


Take Spring Street out of town. It becomes narrow San Juan Valley Road. Ride by old farmsteads, cattle and majestic oak trees. Take a left on Wold Road. Soon you’ll reach the Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Take some time to tour the amazing fields. Continue on Wold Road and take a right on West Side Road. Follow the road until you are at Lime Kiln State Park. Explore the beautiful park, climb down a restored limekiln, check out the lighthouse and watch for whales.

Distance: Approx. 20 miles

roche harbor out & back


Follow 2nd St. out of town past a few stop signs. Turn Right on Egg Lake Road to experience the peaceful core of the island then turn left on Roche Harbor Road. The historic resort of Roche Harbor on the other side of the island provides several places for lunch. There is also a historic general store and local art vendors. Follow the wide open bikes lanes and sights of the island’s interior that features views of some of the oldest homesteads on the island.

Distance: Approx. 20 miles

San Juan Island bike loop


An classic ride by any standard, this is the longest of the three featured routes we recommend. Indeed not a ride for the faint of heart. Plan to see whales, views of the Canadian Islands, Vancouver, Porpus and some of the best views the island has to offer. Also, plan to do a fair amount of climbing, this route features rolling hills and steep climbs.

Distance: Approx. 40 miles

Cyclist Guide to San Juan Island

San Juan Island is about 55 square miles with a population of 8,632. Friday Harbor is the commercial center of San Juan Island and is the largest town in the county. Roche Harbor, Beaverton Valley, and Bailer Hill Road are the main arterials that lead to the west side of the island. Bailer Hill Road has no shoulder and a
few steep hills, while Beaverton Valley and Roche Harbor Roads have higher traffic but a larger shoulder. English Camp and American Camp are the only national parklands in the county and are popular visitor destinations


.Pear Point Loop, 6 miles – The “Fun Family” Ride

This easy loop around Friday Harbor is perfect for families with kids or beginners.

False Bay Loop, 12.3 miles – the “Great Work-Out” Ride

This relatively flat, lovely ride is perfect for beginners & intermediates.

Take Mullis Street out of town. Stop by the remarkable Catholic cemetery on Madden Lane. If you are there on the hour, listen to the Glockenspiel from the quaint chapel.

Turn right on False Bay. Enjoy the calm beauty of this bay. False Bay Drive dead-ends into Douglas Road. Take a right and the next right at San Juan Valley Road to get back to Friday Harbor.This relatively flat, lovely ride is perfect for beginners & intermediates